7-10 The Power of Encouragement

Some years ago, the Lord showed me a truth – “If you want people to change, tell them what they are doing right.” I think I printed that out and put it on my wall, I saw the wisdom in that principle but didn’t start applying it.

This morning, the words came to me, “The Power of Encouragement” and I felt strongly that the Lord was about to teach me something and I was to write about it.

First, I analyzed my attitude. Do I tell people the good things that I see in them or am I more apt to point out what they need to change? I’m afraid that the latter is true.

When someone points out my flaws, how do I react? Even when I know they are right, it doesn’t make me jump to change. I usually resent it at first. Then after I think about it, I will usually see that the criticism has some truth and begin to pray and change.

We all like to be appreciated. Do we take the time to show others that we love and appreciate them, not just in words but also in deeds? God commands us to love our neighbor.

An appreciative and encouraging word goes a long way. Discouraging hurtful words can destroy a person’s life. I want to be known as an encourager. The following prayer can help us all to improve in this area.


Dear Heavenly Father:

What comes out of our mouths is in our hearts.
When we are discouraged, we tend to discourage others.

I give You all my discouragement and fear.
Encourage me through Your Word and Holy Spirit
so I can encourage others.

Help me to bless them in word and deed
so together we will grow into Your loving image. 



DLH   –  July 14, 2012