7-1 Introducing The Lord’s Battle Plan

Sometimes when the Lord inspires me to write something, it just flows. It is so effortless I know it is He doing the work; I am just the scribe. This song was not like that. It took a struggle and a revelation for the words and music to fall into place.

I knew the theme was to be about the war we fight in the spirit for souls and for our own lives and I felt it should have a march beat. A few verses came easily but they didn’t seem to fit together.

As I struggled, I thought – what about love, God’s greatest weapon? How does that fit in? Then the revelation hit me. The battle is indeed in the spirit – we war with the weapons God has given us – we pray and declare His Word, His blood, His name. However, “in the flesh,” when we address people, we need to speak His truth with love and true concern.

With that revelation, “The Lord’s Battle Plan” started to come together. I realized that it is war in the spirit, love and truth in the flesh! Once I saw God’s answer, the verses just poured out and fit the tune that was in my heart.

My talented friend Heather Anne kindly recorded the song for me so I could introduce it to others. As you play and sing it, I believe God’s truth and anointing will affect you and the people around you and thwart the devil’s plans!

May God continue to bless you as you venture forth in His name!

The lyrics and link to the song are on 7-2.


DLH  –  July 12, 2014