7-13 Visions of Revival

I just watched Glenda Jackson on Sid Roth. She is a descendent of Maria Woodworth Etter, a great healing evangelist, and she (Glenda) has had many prophecies come true. She prophesied that Reagan would be shot but not die; the Berlin wall would come down; the quick end to the first Gulf War. She said that this war would not really be over and many would later die because God wasn’t given the glory for that first war.

She didn’t know who Obama was but God showed her that he would be elected President and that he would be reelected a second time.

Recently she said was that if the churches don’t start praying more, there won’t be a next election (2016). Because of disasters, the election will be suspended and Obama will remain in office.

In Jesus’ name, I break the power of prayerlessness over the church. I pray that the true church will get on their knees and pray for revival! Then I started to visualize things that would happen as that revival hits our nation.


Church Bells  – I hear church bells ringing, calling people to prayer and see thousands flocking in the doors.

Prayers  – I picture our prayers going upward, like a mushroom cloud, toward heaven. I am watching the angel armies descending on the earth to accomplish God’s will. I am seeing them bring the fear of the Lord on the ones who have ignored or rejected Him. I am seeing those fall to their knees and repent, then head for the nearest church.

Catholics  –  I see Catholics coming in droves, grabbing their Bibles and hungry to learn.

Intellectuals, New Agers and Witches  – I see intellectuals, new agers and witches burn their false religion and occult books and grab Bibles.

Cults  – I see cults abandon their churches and seek churches that teach the truth about God and exhibit His power and love.

Terrorists  – I see Muslim terrorists throwing down their weapons and seeking Christians to teach them.

Signs and Wonders  – I see God’s people preaching and teaching the Gospel with signs and wonders following; hospitals being emptied.

Routing the Enemy  –  I see angel armies descending on Iraq, Iran and Syria. They are protecting the innocents and destroying the enemy and causing them to flee.

Ebola  – I see angel armies descending on the countries where Ebola is running rampant, stopping the spread and bringing healing.

The Church  – I see the church standing up against the enemy. This seems to be dimmer. I asked, Lord, isn’t the church going to stand up and lead? I bind “fear of repercussions” and command boldness in our people, new Godly leaders to emerge.

My Part  –  What do I see myself doing: Like for the church, I am drawing a blank. Then I felt as if God said, I have lots for you to do but I don’t want you to get a picture and run with it. The situation can change from minute to minute. You are under my command, wait for my instructions! Don’t move until you have them!


DLH – October 22, 2014