About This Website

Dorothy Herbert.

It was May in the Spring of 1985. There was beauty all around me, but I didn’t see it. My marriage was a mess, my health was going downhill fast. I had been angry since the age of five and a great tension was building up inside me. It felt like there was a band around my chest trying to crush me.

A friend who didn’t know all this, had pointed me to someone she thought might help me. I didn’t think I needed help. My pride nicely covered the hurt. But I was desperate and I called. This woman invited me to her house, led me to the Lord and gave me a Bible. I had no idea what that prayer meant. I remember thinking I hope no one knows I did this. I wasn’t sure about these born again people.

But once I said those simple words, asking God to forgive my sins and asking Him into my heart, things started to change. I started looking for a church. I knew I needed to change and was finally ready to listen and learn.

Learning and Growing

As I read the Word and gained knowledge, God started pouring into my emptiness and I started writing about what I had learned. I had studied mechanical engineering but at that time there weren’t many women engineers so I ended up becoming a writer. I ghost wrote articles for engineers and later brochures on computers.

This writing, however, was different. It was God directed, exciting and fulfilling. I learned that Christianity is not just something you practice on Sundays; it is a full-time lifestyle based on the Bible – the Word of God – and the leading of His Holy Spirit.

This website contains my writings over the last 30 years – some preaching, teachings, articles, poetry and some music.

Using these writings, I have created an 8-part website taking a new believer from understanding why Jesus had to die (the Gospel) through some basic phases of spiritual growth. A number of the teachings emphasize the importance of forgiveness, since unforgiveness is at the root of many emotional and physical sicknesses.

Not Just for New Believers

This website also contains much for the mature believer – ways of praying to achieve self deliverance and for praying for others.

The articles and information in Part 8 show some of the exciting things in store for those who dedicate themselves to God and follow His pathway.

I hope you will find much of interest in this website and recommend it to others – especially friends who may be new to Christ or are struggling in their faith. May God bless you in your walk with Him!