Part 5 – Following God’s Plan

God has a plan for every life and it is one to prosper us and not to harm us. Many, if not most of us, get sidetracked, however. We end up following the devil’s plan instead of God’s plan. The devil is our adversary who came to kill, steal and destroy. Very few of us escape at least some of his work in our lives.

Following God’s plan is not always easy, but it brings us the blessings we have been seeking but not finding. His ways are greater than our ways!

But there is more good news. God wants to use our wrong turns for good. When we’ve overcome addictions, health problems, marriage crises or other catastrophic experiences, we are in a wonderful position to help others. Someone who has “been there” can be a great help to those who are still struggling. They see that you made it and start to believe that they, too, can change.

Much change comes from realizing who we are in Christ. We have His power and authority but until we realize it, we feel inadequate, believing the lies that we have been told since childhood.

Getting on the right track begins by submitting your life to God and discovering and using the gifts and talents He has given each of us. Working together we can accomplish His greater plan. When you find the place God has for you, you will be encouraged and your gifts will blossom and grow.