5-8 Ten Commandments For Witnessing

  1. Pray before you talk to anyone. Clear the spiritual track for success.
  2. Let the Holy Spirit point out the person to talk to and give you the words to speak.
  3. Give the person your testimony. Tell them what changed you, not what you think will change them.
  4. Listen. The person will tell you of their specific needs and you can suggest God’s solutions via scriptures.
  5. Show that you care. Meet the person’s need if you can. God will show you how, just ask.
  6. Don’t push. If someone resists, stop talking and pray silently for them.
  7. If the person still resists, thank them for their time and leave. Then pray for them.
  8. Pray with the person for salvation and to meet their needs. Let the Holy Spirit guide your prayer.
  9. Give the person something to read that will explain being Born Again. Invite them to a church service.
  10. Pray for that person. Ask for protection from the attacks and deception of the enemy.


DLH – 1987