Part 1 – A New Beginning

Until you are born again and receive the Holy Spirit, scripture is just words and lacks power and meaning.

If you are a new Christian or not yet a Christian, you need to understand the Gospel – what Jesus’ death accomplished.  Jesus Himself said you must be born again to “see” the Kingdom of God.

When you are born again, you receive a new beginning. Your spirit comes alive as you ask God to forgive your sins and commit your life to the leadership of His Holy Spirit. The prayer is simple but the results are profound.

My life radically changed when I received this new beginning and started to study the Word and learn. From an extremely angry and hateful person, I became someone God could use. Do I have more to learn? Yes indeed. The learning journey doesn’t end until we reach heaven. Each and every day the Lord teaches me new things and cleans me up a bit more. This gives me more to write about, so this website will continually grow.

God’s Word has the answer for all of our problems in life and especially for our brokenness. He came to heal the broken hearted and to set the captives free. Through His Word and His Holy Spirit, He wants to guide us to wholeness, happiness and a full and abundant life.

Our problems and difficulties don’t all magically disappear.  But our compassionate and loving God guides us through them. These writings will help you get started.

Scripture References:

John 3:3, Luke 4:18