Part 8 – Articles and More

If you have perused much of this website, you may be wondering where are the articles I mentioned? Is there more poetry?

My husband David and I were part of an effort of Long Island, Maine, to secede from the City of Portland. With many others we worked hard to see the effort succeed. Long Island officially became a town on July 1, 1993. Among other jobs, David and I were the Legislative Committee that “babysat” the bill going through the Maine Legislature.

My husband died in December of 1995 of colon cancer. David’s memorial service took place on the island on June 23, 1996, Part 8-6 will tell you about the miraculous change during his last days. Part 8-7 is a song I wrote for the occasion.

After David died, I became a Mainer and still am! I built a small house on the island and lived there for 6 years. During that time I helped to start a prison ministry called Jericho Homes, wrote articles for the Good News Connection, a Christian newspaper, and continued with my writing/teaching efforts.

As I reread the articles in this section, I saw that they demonstrate the rewards of studying God’s Word and following the pathway He lays out. Far from being dull, life with God is very exciting. May you enjoy and be blessed by Part 8.