8-11 Fresh Wind Is Blowing

Islanders, Islanders – hear our sad song
We have to leave our fair city.
Self government beckons as hard times increase.
From Portland we seek a release.

We all acknowledge these difficult times.
Trouble has all of us bowed.
We seek an answer that gives us all hope.
We’ll shout it long and shout loud.

Island, Long Island – we love your dear shores
Our families’ pasts intertwine.
We’re fishermen, working folks, families all.
Our ties are true ties that bind.

The choice is before you please think when you vote
The thread of our life’s on the line.
Don’t let us witness our island’s demise
Listen and heed our deep cries.

We’ve studied the options a town is our best.
We know we can make it and win.
Portland wins also by letting us go …
Our figures point out and show!

So people, dear people, please make up your minds.
Don’t let hist’ry’s moment pass by.
Your answer will help to keep all of us blessed …
If you will only vote YES.


CHORUS 1 (after each of the first 6 verses)

Blow on winds of change.
We need your fresh wind in our hair.
Blow on winds of change.
Help us to find a new way.


CHORUS 2 (after verse 7, repeat)

Vote Yes, save our Isle.
A town will preserve the life that we love.
Vote Yes, save our Isle.
Portland will win with us too.


DLH – Words and Music
February 13, 1992
Arrangement – Mike Brigida
Instrumental Track – Mike Brigida
Vocal – Diane Brigida, Dot Herbert, Mike Brigida


For more about this song, see 8-10, A Story of Two Songs. Listen below!