8-8 Give Your Heart to the Master

Lord we thank you for giving us people
Who answer Your call and who serve in Your name.
Who give without worry of what they’re receiving
Who give from their hearts without seeking for fame.

Good works are not always blessed in this lifetime.
Though fortune may seem to be gracing a few.
The blessing comes when we reach life everlasting.
When fruits of our labors are judged in God’s view.

So look at your life and determine what’s lasting.
What will God say when you face Him alone?
Have you made Him your Master and asked His forgiveness?
He’s waiting, so willing to make you His own.

Just give the Master your poor heart for keeping.
Accept his forgiveness, let Him take your pain.
He wipes out your sins and He lets you start over.
His Word gives you power to break every chain.

Please take the step … give your heart to the Master.
The peace that He gives can’t be purchased with gold.
Take a chance—let Him fill that deep hole in your being
And watch while your life and its blessings unfold.


DLH  –  Song written for David’s Memorial Service.
Sung by the Youth Choir
Evergreen Methodist Church
Long Island, ME, June 1996