Good News!

Despite what we see on the news, despite the darkness surrounding us, there is good news! The Gospel hasn’t changed and Father God is still on His throne. He is the answer to everything going on in our lives and in the world. He loves us, has a plan for our lives and can help get us through every one of our storms.

I didn’t understand the Gospel growing up or even in my middle years. I was negative, hard hearted and extremely angry. In 1985, when someone led me to the Lord, my life started to change. At age 47, I received a new beginning! As I learned God’s Word, I began to write and teach. I taught, wrote articles for a Christian newspaper, wrote poetry, some music and did some preaching. This website consists of 30 years of these writings and many new ones. We never stop learning.

I have arranged these writings into 8 Parts, starting with a prayer like the one that changed my life and describing the basic steps that I took to grow as a Christian and begin to recapture my life.

God wants to take you through these steps so you can use your life lessons to help others. With God, nothing we go through is wasted. He can use it all for His glory!

We never stop growing and getting cleaned up. God shows me something new almost every day, something that I need to work on, to change. As I conquer these areas, I will write about them and add them to this site.

May you read, seek His wisdom and revelation, and be blessed and healed in the name of Jesus.