8-10 The Story of Two Songs

This is the story of two songs. I wrote the song “Fresh Wind is Blowing” (See 8-11) in 1992 for the secession of Long Island from the City of Portland, ME. My husband and I were the Legislative Committee that helped get our bill through the Maine legislature. It was my message to the legislators considering our bill. After much hard work by many islanders and a very long process, Long Islanders voted for secession in the Fall 1992 (presidential) election, and Long Island officially became a town on July 1, 1993.

The song actually affected two women legislators from Portland who switched sides and spoke for us on the floor of the House. The heads of the State and Local Government Committee also fought for us after resisting at first. These were exciting times. The song was recorded by the music ministry from my church in Lowell, MA, Mike and Diane Brigida. Lyrics and recording are in Section 8-11.

An instrumental version got “accidentally” recorded on the tape (after the vocal) and I love to listen to that. I felt that there was an anointing on the song and felt often that God would ask me to play it a number of times for my country even though the song was about Long Island.

A year later on March 15, 1993, God gave me the “Winds of Change” words to the song. See 7- 12.  It was a warning to America to change our ways and turn back to God! It has 12 verses. It was written in an hour or two; it just poured through me. That song has been sitting in my file cabinet until recently. Lately I have felt that it was time to get it out. Although it was written over 20 years ago, it sounds like it was written for today. It doesn’t mention terrorism or illegal immigration, but it covers the core issues of what is destroying this country. These words have never been recorded.

At one point I questioned the chorus mentioning “wind in our hair.” I thought it sounded a bit stupid until I attended a conference on Spiritual Gifts and a speaker mentioned that “a cool flow of air through the top of the head means that our mind is being renewed.” Leave it to the devil to plant that thought when it actually means that God is renewing our minds!


DLH –  March 26, 2003, updated 2015