1-6 Don’t Give Up

When the world around you crumbles
Look and see how far you’ve come.
See the past with all its mountains.
See the battles you have won.

When your heart is sad and weary
From the work that’s never done.
Count the special things you’re proud of
View them slowly one by one.

When your trials appear to conquer
Face them with a solid stand
Do not buckle, just stand straighter
There’s an answer close at hand.

When the cares of life are heavy,
Why not give the Lord a try?
Let the Lord your burden carry
Don’t give up … He’s standing by.

When your heart is filled with worry
And you need someone to care.
God can help if you just ask Him.
Stop and say a simple prayer.

When you pray, the Lord will hear you.
He gives strength and He gives peace.
He has answers for your problems
That will make the turmoil cease.

There is nothing in this dark world
That we cannot overcome.
With help from our dear Savior
Our battle will be won!

DLH – February 20, 1989