1-4 You’re Forgiven

My son, you’re forgiven the pastor boomed.
God loves you, don’t run away!
He’s taken your sins and removed them from you.
You’re free, please listen and stay.

As you just mumbled that simple prayer
“Forgive me Lord, please set me free.”
He did it. You’re now a new creature in Christ!
Each sin has been cast away.

God is not like us, He doesn’t hold on to each grudge
He really forgets.
You’re clean and can start a new life in Him!
By His death He paid all your debts!

He loves you so much He sent His dear Son
To die for you on the cross.
He died for your sins, those words just believe.
It’s salvation! You’re no longer lost!

Your problems don’t end, you’ll still have a few
But He helps you get each task done.
With a new heart inside you, you’ll see a new way.
The obstacles fall one by one.

God is your friend. Can’t you feel? Don’t you see?
The devil you loved came to kill you and me.
His ways are designed to bring pleasure at first.
In the end there is nothing but anguish and hurt!

God has a plan for your life –
It’s the best.
Learn His Word, come to church
Let Him do the rest!

Take a step at a time,
He’ll be there to guide.
Let Him help you up
When you stumble and slide.

For He’s always faithful,
Take His hand, get a lift.
He’s the Daddy who loves you
Accept His sweet gift!


DLH – November 11, 1994