5-7 Mini Leadership Course

I woke up September 14, 2014 hearing the words – DO IT WITH APLOMB. They came back to me several times and I finally got up and looked up the word aplomb in my large Webster’s New Explorer Dictionary. It means complete composure or self-assurance, poise. It is from the French – according to the plumb line.

Since poise hasn’t really been one of my strong points, I was excited. I felt that God was about to give me a mini leadership course. I realized that to lead, you must:

Be Confident

Know that if God is with you, you can accomplish the task set before you. As you move forward, doors will open and God will supply what you need for the task He has given you.

I started by binding and casting out my feelings of agitation, frustration, upset, anxiety, doubt, fear. Then I prayed in a lot of positives, God’s characteristics. That day I felt that a special healing had taken place. Not only were my spirits elevated but some aches and pains disappeared!

On September 15, the Leadership course continued. It was like hearing God speak to me.

Don’t Fear

I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. With these three you can do anything I ask. I have given you the power (My power) to do it. You will also do it with love (My love) and your mind will be sound with My knowledge and wisdom.

Step Forward

Just one small step will take you out of your comfort zone and allow me to take over. You will be submitting to My direction, My terms, giving Me permission to use you. That step is hard but once you do it, you will see the positive results and want more.

Remember I am In Charge

Remember all the promises I have made to protect you from harm. You can walk through fire and won’t be burned. You can walk through deep waters and not drown. I will never leave you nor forsake you. You will never be alone!

Give Me Your Hand

Don’t get ahead of Me and don’t fall behind. If you hold My hand, you will stay beside Me, your Abba Father. Look up at Me for direction as I look down on you with love and give you My direction. Know that whatever you hear from me will always agree with what is in my Word. You will also learn to distinguish My voice from that of others. My sheep know My voice.

Give Me All the Glory

Your talents, gifts and possessions are all gifts from Me. You are to use them for Me, for my glory. Follow My leading. I am leading right now – your gifts are bursting forth!


Scripture References:

Matthew 18:18, 2 Timothy 1:7, Isaiah 43:2,
Deuteronomy 31:6, John 10:27


DLH – First Draft September 14-15, 2014
Final – June 25, 2015