7-15 Praying for Our Prisons

Lord, we thank You and praise You. You indeed are all powerful and Jesus we declare You as Lord over all of Maine, especially over our prisons. Lord You know that our country has the largest prison population of any country in the world and it continues to grow minute by minute. We pray for the real answer to crime … that hearts and minds be changed and cleansed by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, You change our hearts by showing us that we can be forgiven for our past and we can start again. By dying for us on the cross, You took our sins, and through the power of Your Word and Your Holy Spirit, You cleanse our minds and take away the desires for things that harm us and harm others. Most of all, You show us that You have a mighty and beautiful plan for each life – that You love each one of us with an everlasting love. And I believe You have a special compassion for those in prison.

Lord, help us to spread this word of hope and redemption to those in our prisons and jails and to those in administration over them. Help us to keep men and women from returning to prison again and again, to restore them to their families and communities and to assist them in becoming useful and productive citizens.

Help our churches to work together with prison administration, business and community leaders, and government to tackle this problem. Especially help us reach out to families of the incarcerated to welcome them into our church communities and to meet their needs. Help us to mentor individuals in prison and to provide needed housing, clothing and jobs when they are released.

We ask Your Holy Spirit to guide us. We ask for Your Strength, Power and Love to accomplish this very large task.  We ask these things in Your blessed name of Jesus.




DLH – May 2, 2002
National Day of Prayer
Portland City Hall, Portland, ME