7-8 Restoring Relationships

Repeat every day!


Devil – you’re not going to get my husband/wife/child/parents/friend (name the person)

You’ll not take them!

You’ll not invade their minds!

You’ll not inspire them to hate, fear or mock me!

You’ll not make them run away!


________ is God’s child!

________  will fulfill God’s purpose.

________  will not listen to the devil’s lies!

________  will listen only to the truth of God’s promises!

Scripture says that God’s sheep hear His voice and Him alone will they follow.


________   is one of God’s sheep.

________   is of God and is listening.

________   is ready to act on God’s Word and do his will.

________   is acting on the Word right now.

________  will continue to act on God’s Word and believe.


I forgive them for any and all offenses against me.


I break all curses on them.

________ will see his/her body and mind restored!

________ will act in love and see our relationship restored.

________ will see their career and future restored.

________ will see a powerful and glorious life ahead of them in Christ Jesus!


________ will be blessed of God!

________ will have life everlasting!

________ will be filled with God’s Spirit, and become a prayer and a worshipper of God Almighty!

________ will fulfill all that God has prepared for them!


These things I speak and prophesy over _________ in this day of the Lord, in Jesus’ name!


DLH  –  January 3, 1993