7-12 Winds of Change

Americans, listen and hear this loud cry!
We must change before it’s too late!
Our nation is losing its favor with God.
We fall at precipitous rate.

Our country was once the greatest on earth.
With money and food we could give.
Now we are crushed by a mountainous debt.
Most people struggle to live.

We once loved each other, we valued each friend.
Our families were first in our lives.
Now we reject them. Our lusts take their place.
We’re governed by our selfish drives.

There’s time, if we act now, to turn back the tide
To see what went wrong and be freed.
Examine the idols we’ve built in our lives
Exchange them for love and succeed.

What made us a leader, so strong in the past?
So weak and so floundering now?
Our forefathers prayed and asked help from our God.
And to Him we also should bow.

God wants to bless us. We’re His kids you know.
He loves us and won’t let us down.
He’ll bring us together, give methods that work.
The U.S. will win back its crown!

We’ve tried our solutions.
They just plain don’t work
To fight drugs or slow poverty.
Prejudice worsens. Abortion divides.
None of us seem to agree!

Disease rages rampant. There’s cancer and AIDS,
Murder and rape on our streets.
With no Godly guidance, our children run wild.
And so many lie, steal, and cheat.

Turn on the sirens! Blow trumpets! Wake up!
It’s time we discovered the cost!
Return to the values that once made us great!
Recover the ground we have lost!

We need to repent of dissention and sin.
Stop warring and wasting our lives!
Start working together for answers we need
If our nation is to survive!

People, dear people, it’s your choice you know.
God never forces your hand.
He speaks to your heart and He lets you decide
If you want to choose sinking sand.

Ask for forgiveness. Turn to Him in prayer.
He’ll answer and meet every need.
Each of our families He’ll bless and unite.
Our country will move with Godspeed!

CHORUS 1 (after verses 1-11)

Blow on Winds of Change.
We need your fresh wind in our hair.
Blow on Winds of Change
Help us to find a new way.


CHORUS 2 (after verse 12, repeat)

Turn back to God in prayer
He will provide the answers we need.
Turn back to God in prayer.
He has the answers we need.

Words and Music – Dorothy L. Herbert

The original song, “Fresh Wind is Blowing” was written for the secession of Long Island, ME, from the City of Portland and recorded in 1992. These words, were written in 1993 to the same tune but never recorded. Be sure to read “The Story of Two Songs” (Section 8-10) and listen to the original song (Section 8-11).