7-11 Declaration for America

Devil, you’ll not have my country! You’ll not have (name your state), you’ll not have (name your city or town). They belong to God. This country was purchased with Jesus’ blood. Our forefathers left religious persecution to found this country. We will not be persecuted here.

Our people will repent for their sins and turn to God. There will be a revival here that will flow across this land and affect the world.

The Church will do God’s will.

Our families will be healed.

Our financial collapse will be healed.

The federal deficit will be paid in full.

Our politicians hearts and minds will be healed.

They will be opposed to things that God is opposed to such as sexual sin, abortion and greed, and for the things that God is for such as honesty and righteousness.

Governing will be based on scripture.

Youth will lead.

Violence will cease.

Our schools will teach truth and be protected.

Our nation will be a nation of praying people.

Our President will be God’s spiritual leader for this country.

Our unborn children will live to serve You.

Our poor will receive the help that they need.

Our health care problems will be solved.

As Ezekiel prophesied to the dry bones and they came to life, I prophesy to the dry and sinful bones of this nation today in this day of our Lord that this country will live and not die.

God save America!


Repeat this declaration as many times as God leads you to.


DLH  –  January 10, 1993