7-2 The Lord’s Battle Plan – Lyrics & Link

The battle’s on
The battle’s on
But it’s not in the flesh
It’s in the Spirit (Repeat)

It’s war in the Spirit
Love and truth in the flesh.
This is how we
Conquer and win.

We have God’s weapons
And His love that conquers all
Each door will open
Let us in.

We’ll take dominion
Use the power that He’s given
To gather in the fields of white
The harvest crying out.

Watch as evil scatters
As our light invades the darkness
Darkness flees at trumpet blast
And at our army’s shout!


We give Him glory
We give Him honor
He shed His precious blood
For our eternal life.

Our Lord is with us.
As we band together
As we seek His peace in us
We overcome the strife.

The time is soon coming
When no man can work his land.
It’s now we must move forward
And take a strident stand.

With His armor and His weapons
His blood, His Word, His name
Following the Master’s lead
We’ll fight and take the land!

Power in the Spirit
To heal the sick and lame.
To do the things He did on earth
The devil’s work repeal.

He’s asked us to complete His work
To heal a dying world.
His Spirit working through our lives
To show the world He’s real!

Power in the Spirit
Love and truth in the flesh.
This is what our world
Needs to see!

Watch the demons tremble
As He leads us into battle
And side-by-side united
We’ll see the victory!

Chorus – Repeat

Words and music –
Dorothy Herbert   March 12, 2014
Vocal and Background – Heather Anne

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