4-7 Declaration for Healing

The following can be declared for yourself or someone else. Declare it as many times as the Lord leads.

Devil, get off of _________’s (or my) body. This body is God’s sanctuary, dedicated to his service! By His precious blood _______   was healed. By each stripe on His back, he took _______’s infirmities and diseases (name them). He bore them so we don’t have to.

He gave his children the power to trample on snakes and scorpions in his name. He gave us all power over the enemy, including the enemy of disease in _________’s body.

Right now I assume that power to command that disease to leave ________’s body and to never return. I command all the symptom’s (name them) to leave and never to return. I command that all damage done be restored – that organs, blood, flesh, muscles, nerves return to normal and be whole, healthy, and functioning properly.

I forgive all who have wronged or hurt me (or pray for the person to forgive).

I ask a spiritual restoration for _______ – all depression, guilt, embarrassment, discouragement, fear, worry, anxiety and unbelief to be gone in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I ask that ________ be given peace and a trust in You that never leaves, an assurance that You are with them always … the knowledge that it is Your will that Your children be healed and restored to minister to others in your Holy Name!


DLH – April 21, 1993