4-2 Building Faith

Faith is getting our eyes off of the circumstances and what the world says and getting our eyes on Jesus and what God’s Word says.

The Word says we must pray and believe in our heart that we will receive. (Mark 11:24)

To believe, we must act like we believe. If we truly believe that Jesus is going to act, that it is just in His timing, we won’t waste time worrying or fretting. We will spend our time spreading His love and encouragement to others.

In building faith in others, we build our own faith to the level that we believe and we receive! In the meantime, not a moment is wasted on self pity or doubt. Not a moment goes by that Jesus is not central in our lives, that we are not doing His will.

We must give God a chance to work. It is His plan, not ours. He is working something out. While He is working for us, let us work for Him by blessing and helping others.

DLH – 2000