3-9 My Way

Lord, cleanse my heart of things impure
Of thoughts that I can but endure
Till some great time when all is well
And things are going “My Way.”

I want My Way so desperately
I need to have it can’t you see?
I have the answers. Theirs are wrong
But I’ll hold on. I can be strong
Till things are going “My Way.”

All the while my life is dull.
I growl and grovel, snarl and mull.
A fit companion I am not.
But I’ll endure this cursed lot
Till things are going “My Way.”

Meanwhile my life is passing by.
The days and years appear to fly.
‘Cause others want the same as I.
We each want “My Way.”

With life on hold and constant rifts
We fail to see our blessed gifts.
We remonstrate on what we lack.
When they hurt us, we pay them back!

Our hearts are heavy, eyes are blind.
Our rigid thoughts affect our mind.
When we seek “My Way.”

But joy and selfishness don’t mix.
Our selfish ways produced this fix.
They’ve taken all the fun from life.
They are a source of constant strife.
When we want “My Way.”

Oh Lord please make my heart alive.
Help me to trust and rest not strive.
Lead me on “Your Way” not mine.
So I can find Your peace sublime!

DLH – 1998