3-11 Frustration

The big things in life, the mountains we face,
Confound us and overwhelm.
We give these to God, ‘cause we haven’t a clue,
We need Him to be at the helm.

But small things that bug us, we grovel and groan,
Get angry, and language gets rough.
We show our true colors, frustration comes out,
We’re not tender, we’re still very tough.

Just something like losing our keys makes us mad.
We just had them, where can they be?
We find them alright when our anger cools down,
They’re where we last left them you see.

When someone is coming and never shows up,
We get mad and pace and we grouse.
The least they could do is call, let us know.
Once called friend we label them louse.

When nothing goes right, we sigh, grumble, and doubt.
We’re ready to give up, just sit back and pout.

When things get under our skin, help us pray.
Ask God what to do, where to go.
He knows where the keys are and other things too.
He knows why our friend failed to show.

When frustration comes, let’s stop and just pray.
Say devil, get lost, you’re not having my day!
Then praise God and thank him for answers to be.
His peace will be yours, just watch and you’ll see!

DLH  –  December 11, 2008