3-1 Renewing Your Mind

There really is a devil
And his playground is your mind.
He fills you up with fear and doubt
These paralyze you’ll find.

And when you listen to his thoughts
Discouragement abounds.
He drags you down so you can’t see
God’s goodness all around.

And when you focus on the doubt
And worry fills your mind
Your problems go from bad to worse
While you just sit and pine.

But fill your mind with God’s good thoughts
They drive the devil out
Then hope returns and chases fear.
And conquers every doubt.

God’s Word gives us His strength and life
To tackle and to win
The battle with our fearful thoughts
And struggles with our sin.

And gradually the joy returns
And peace and strength abide.
And things once monumental
Are taken in our stride.

His power is renewing us
In thought and word and deed
He’s changing us from inside out
To battle and to lead.

Just looking to Him day by day
Gives courage to go on.
And day by day – we’ll watch and see
The battle will be won!

Original – November 12, 1988
Modified October 15, 2015