2-2 God Wants to Heal Your Heart!

When I last spoke here, I told you how much God loved you and that He had a plan for your life! I said no matter what you have done, how old or how young you are, He is still waiting for you with open arms to forgive all your sins and welcome you home.

Today I want you to know that God is still in the healing business. He wants to heal your body, your relationships, your marriage. But first God wants to heal your heart.

Ever since I was born again almost 15 years ago, I have been on a quest for healing … healing from anger, hurt, pain. It was such a comfort to learn in scripture that healing is God’s will. He wants us to be healed. I can show you 40 to 50 scriptures that say this. See God’s Word on Healing 4-8.

God Heals the Holes in our Hearts

Most of us have holes in our hearts where someone has mistreated us or abused us – physically, or emotionally, either in childhood or in later life. Sometimes we have undergone a great trauma – such as an accident or an untimely death of a loved one.

As a consequence, we have built walls around our hearts. A wall of fear or mistrust, a fear of being vulnerable, a fear of rejection. We usually deny our true feelings and cover them up with laughter, bravado, or criticism of others. These traumas in our lives can also make us angry or disappointed with God. The walls we build keep us from receiving God’s love and when we don’t receive God’s love, we can’t give it out to others. The longer we go with these walls in place, the more the feelings eat at us and cause spiritual and physical harm.

God’s Word Protects Us

Hosea 4:6 says My people die for lack of knowledge. The Word of God reveals the truth about our situations and shows us ways to change. God has given us spiritual weapons to tear down these walls, and to pray protection on ourselves and our families. When we don’t know about these weapons or know about them but don’t use them, life gets harder.

There are all kinds of dangers out there today. Without prayer and God’s Word as protection, it is like entering a rain storm without an umbrella. Or in some neighborhoods, it is like venturing into a drug war without a bulletproof vest.

God wants us to be healed and whole. Why? Because he wants us to use our experience to help others. If we have been set free, we can help others in similar circumstances.

Let’s pray together, just give our hearts to Him and let God’s healing hand reach in and touch our broken places. Could you repeat after me? Let’s bow our heads.

Dear Heavenly Father –

I didn’t realize it, but my heart has been
broken all these years.
I’ve been hurt, abused, or rejected, by family,
friends, and others.
I have been carrying these wounds for years;
it is time to give them up.

As an act of my will, I forgive these individuals.
Your Word says I must forgive them so I can be set free.
(Let the Lord bring to mind the
individuals you need to forgive
nd silently forgive each one.)

Then pray with me.
I ask forgiveness for my sins and I forgive myself
for the wrongs I have committed.
I give You my fear and shame.

Lord, make my heart whole and healthy,
clean and tender, understanding and wise.
Now touch your heart and say,
I accept Your healing touch right now.

Now I’d like to pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You that You have heard each prayer.
I pray that in the coming days,
everyone here will notice more peace,
more joy, more strength.
I pray they will start learning Your Word and
how to protect themselves and
their families from the traps of the enemy.

May they draw closer together under
Your love and counsel.
Bless each one Lord. Meet the needs.
Reward each abundantly for their faith and commitment.

I ask this in Jesus’ name.



DLH – August 22. 1999
Evergreen Methodist Church
Long Island, ME