3-6 Seeing Ourselves as Righteous

When you were born again, you became a new person. You assumed Christ’s righteousness, His right standing with God. This is not to say that you lose your fleshly characteristics. It does mean that you have the power to resist temptation and to make the changes in your life that need to be made. God helps us identify our weaknesses and His Word shows us how to change.

God doesn’t see us as weak, powerless and sinful. He sees us as we should be and will be when we get to heaven. In His eyes we are righteous – beautiful, whole and strong. He sees our new spirit, renewed in Christ, not our old weak flesh.

Getting Rid of a Poor Self Image

Many of us suffer from a poor self image. As we interact with some individuals, they can further undermine our image of ourselves. Some people make us feel good; others make us feel terrible, inadequate and weak in their presence. We hate to be around them.

I thought of this one person. In her presence I feel weak, powerless, overwhelmed, useless, criticized, etc., etc. She is a very dominating, strong person. I wrote down my feelings and in the name of Jesus I bound them and cast them out.

When I cast them out, I loosed God’s Holy Spirit in their place. I want the Holy Spirit operating in my life, not feelings of defeat and discouragement. Immediately I felt better. A few minutes before I had dreaded the thought of having to call this woman. Afterwards, I was happy to call. I finished the conversation and this time I felt fine, unaffected by her overpowering personality! Normally even a short conversation with her might spoil my day.

Take some quiet time and think about a person who has a negative effect on you. Write down the way they make you feel – horrible, hurt, weak, powerless, frustrated, lonely , etc. – and then cast those feelings out in the name of Jesus. Get rid of them. These feelings represent the old, not the new you. These feelings have no place in your heart.

God loves and respects you. By getting rid of these feelings you can love and respect yourself! And when you respect yourself, others will respect you!

Our New Image

God has given us a new image. We have to get rid of the old one. It comes off layer by layer.

I have handed out some Lord’s Army membership cards. I’d like us to read the back of that card together.


He sees me as
strong, caring, capable, worthy.

I will learn His Word, lean on Him, live by the Spirit,
Share the good news with others.

I will resist temptation, forgive others, forgive myself,
Not worry, nor fear.

He is my strength, He forgives, He loves me.
He meets my needs, He is with me!

The prisoners loved these cards. They asked for extras and sent them to family and friends.



DLH – May 17, 1995
Shirley, MA, Medium Security Prison