1-7 What’s Next After Accepting Jesus?

So you’ve just accepted Jesus. What’s the next step?

When you accepted Jesus, you received salvation and everlasting life. You may also have been delivered instantly of a drug or alcohol problem or you may have received a healing in your body. For most people, however, salvation does not bring an instantaneous change. It is the beginning of a renewing process that takes place as we grow with God and establish a personal relationship with Him.

It is in this growing process that we learn God’s two-fold purpose for our lives. Basically He has asked us to love Him and to love each other.

Learning God’s Prescriptions

Learning God’s prescriptions – as given in the Bible – and starting to practice them brings changes in our lives. As we become kinder and more loving toward each other, our relationships improve. Marriages are resurrected and parents begin meaningful communication with their children. When we begin to help others with our time or finances, our own finances often improve.

As a caring for others replaces our drive for material success, we reduce the fears and stresses in our lives which cause unhappiness and disease. We feel better, more alive, more rested. Our bodily ills often disappear.

Finding Fellowship                         

To follow God’s direction, it is important to become part of a church or fellowship. Within a church, there is counseling, prayers and fellowship. With a pastor and others to guide you, learning is accelerated. New friends with the same goals will provide support, love and encouragement.

Every day with God is a day of change and excitement. As you spend more time with Him, you become calmer and happier, look and act younger and are more self assured. You will still have difficulties in your live. But with God’s help, you will have the wisdom and strength to handle them.

Reprogramming Ourselves

God’s prescriptions are simple, but not always obvious. In some cases, we’ve learned the opposite of what the Bible teaches. For example, most people believe that giving is a depletion process. The Bible teaches that when we give, God increases our resources. He promises to return much more than we give.

Our renewal begins when we are “saved” by accepting Jesus. The next step is to study the Bible and learn the details of God’s promises.

We also need a quiet time each day with God. When we pray and then listen, God talks to us, not usually audibly, but to our spirits. He answers our questions and gives us worthwhile thoughts and ideas. He can also “speak” to us through others, through our Pastor, through scripture, or through articles in newspapers or programs on TV or radio.

To get started on your personal relationship with God, repeat the prayer below.

Dear Lord:

I need your help with drugs, alcohol, sexual sin, finances, health, depression….

Direct me to the answers in Your Word – the Bible – and to others who can help me.

Give me Your wisdom so that I can move the mountains that confront me. Wipe out my desire for things that hurt me.

Your Word says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Give me that strength today and help me to receive your peace, comfort, and power through a strong personal relationship with You!

I ask these things in Jesus’ name.



DLH – from a tract written in 1987

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