1-5 You’re Never Alone

You’re never alone as a Christian
For God is always there.
He sees the conflicts and heartaches
That you feel too heavy to bear.

He’s ready to come in and help you,
If you’ll but give them up.
He’s ready to comfort and heal you
If you give Him your troubled cup.

That cup of sorrows and worries
The fear, the hurt, the despair.
The hopeless darkness that drags you down
The heaviness and care.

Give Him your heart
Surrender strife.
Let Him take over
That troubled life.

He’ll give you hope and direction
Ideas on just what to do.
He’ll bless you with new strength and purpose.
Your heart He will renew.

You’ll be ready to face the new mountains
The clouds in each passing day.
Hand in hand with your Savior
Who lovingly shows you the way.

DLH – January 5, 1991