1-2 The Sacrifice

When Jesus died upon the cross
The Father’s only Son
Disciples thought that they had lost
The devil thought he’d won.

They didn’t see the Master’s plan
The restoration story
That Jesus had to die and rise
To bring us to His glory.

A Holy God can’t fellowship
With us as sinful man
And goats and bulls don’t bridge the gap
That only our Savior can.

So God sent His son, His only son,
To die a shameful death.
He took our sins upon Himself
As He drew His final breath.

He took our sorrows and sicknesses
On the cross so we could be healed.
As we believe in what He did
Our destiny (heaven) is sealed.

He rose again in triumph
The devil to defeat.
The Master’s Plan was carried out
The devil crushed under His feet.

As we His children remember
His awesome sacrifice
The bread and the wine commemorate
Our Lord who gave up His life.

Let’s tell the good news to others
And show them God’s kindness and love.
So they’ll join us here in God’s Kingdom
And we’ll see them again up above.



DLH  –  September 25, 2014